Car Audio and Video Systems

We sell a variety of audio and video systems for your vehicle, including but not limited to: Alarms, Stereos, GPS, Backup Sensors, Backup Cameras, Video Monitors, Speakers, Subwoofers, and Amps


Our shop is also a service center for Intoxalock. To know more about the service, please visit their website.


Apart from selling systems, we also do on the spot installations. Everything we sell we can install.



Snap Finance

We also accept Snap Finance as a finance option! The application is free and one can see for how much they can be approved for here.

Custom Enclosures

We offer custom enclosures made to the specs of your vehicle, for better sound and performance.



Window Tint

A new service we offer is window tinting for your vehicle! This service is by appointment only, so please call in advance.

Our Story and Mission

Starting out from inside a small video store in 1989 back when Metra didn't exist and everything had to be hotwired, we made it our goal to work with our customers to make sure they got the sound they wanted at a reasonable price.

Now, 18 years after opening our own separate store, we use a number of products and tools to ensure we continue to bring satisfaction to our customers.

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